RealTechNetwork Advertiser F.A.Q.


Q1 What are your payment terms?
Ans. NET terms with approved credit application, credit card, company check, bank wire or Paypal.
Q2 What types of campaigns do you accept?
 Ans. We currently accept campaigns that are in the following formats:
  • Standard Banner (468X60)
  • Leaderboard (728X90)
  • Medium Rectangle (300X250)
  • Skyscraper (120X600)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160X600)
  • Expandables (120X600 or 728X90)
  • Cookie Re-targeting
  • Contextual & Keyword
 Q3 What fraud measurements have you implemented into your network?
Ans. All campaigns are individually tracked and cookied to your specifications that are setup in the campaign. All CPM campaigns can be counted via unique or raw format.
 Q4 What types of targeting services do you offer to advertisers?
  • Broadband user targeting
  • Channel / Category targeting
  • Cookie re-targeting
  • Contextual & Keyword targeting
  • Day of week targeting
  • Domain targeting
  • Geo-targeting (Country/Providence/State/Region/City/DMA)
  • In-text targeting services
  • Streaming Media Services
  • Time of day targeting
 Q5 How much control do I have on my campaign?
Ans. Advertisers have complete control over their campaign. Advertisers can change targets, creatives, and weights on their campaigns on the fly within their control center.
Q6 Where may I view RealTechNetwork\'s Privacy Policy?
Ans. Our privacy policy is located at the following URL:

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