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RealTechNetwork was formed in early 2004 in order to better represent publishers to advertisers, and vice-versa. Together, there is over 12 years of advertising experience in both the online and traditional advertising sales channels. Our network, RealTechNetwork, has developed and integrated several security features for both our advertisers and publishers. Over the past few months, we've carefully selected a well oriented group of sites in Communications, Internet, Shopping, News, Technology, and Travel. We are aggressively searching for unique sites that fit our publisher criteria. Complete information about our publisher program and be viewed here. Should you wish to contact one of our representatives we've set up several ways for both publishers and advertisers to contact RealTechNetwork. If you are a publisher, please either e-mail us at Support @ or visit our Support Center.

The staff at RealTechNetwork have over 12 years of experience in online and offline media. Should you need to contact us for any reason, please us via e-mail, USPS mail, or telephone which each are listed below.

Company & News Releases

RealTechNetwork Successfully Upgrades To AdvertPro Advanced Ad Serving Software (Sep 14, 2004)

RealTechNetwork Upgrades Publisher Payment Methods For All Publishers RealTechNetwork (Jul 22, 2005)

RealTechNetwork Launches Video Content Network RealTechNetwork (Aug 17, 2006)
RealTechNetwork opens up its Self-Serve Advertising Center for Behavioral & Contextual Online Advertising (April 14, 2008)  

Contact RealTechNetwork:

United States

RealTechNetwork Corporation
75A Lake Road, Suite # 150
Congers, New York 10920
United States
Telephone: 877-276-4904
E-mail: Support {AT} RealTechNetwork {DOT} com


RealTechNetwork Europe LTD.
24 Temple Back East
Temple Quay Bristol BS16EG
United Kingdom
Telephone: 44-117-370-6170
E-mail: Support {AT} RealTechNetwork {DOT} co {DOT} uk

E-Mail Inquiries:

Advertiser Information
Ad Sales {AT} RealTechNetwork {DOT} com
Business Development
Bus Dev {AT} RealTechNetwork {DOT} com
Publisher Information & Support
Publishers {AT} RealTechNetwork {DOT} com or submit support ticket

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