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CONGERS, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/Aug 17, 2006 --- RealTechNetwork is pleased to announce the launch of its Video Content Network. Publishers of RealTechNetwork now have the ability to place video content on their approved web sites through the RealTechNetwork Video Content Network.

Publishers who do not currently have a video player to play streaming media can utilize RealTechNetwork's video player to show various forms of content to their visitors 24/7. Publishers can choose to run video in a variety of different genre�s. Some of the channels publishers of RealTechNetwork can choose from include cartoons, movie trailers, music videos, domestic and international news, sports, automotive, talk shows, travel and health-related video streams.

All content is available to publishers at no cost. In return for running Video Content Streams, RealTechNetwork will split the revenue with the publishers on Pre-Roll and banner advertisements within the player. "Many publishers have contacted us looking for both pre-roll and video inventory. We've been working with our partners in order to develop a streamlined system to deliver both in one package," said James Borrows, director of publisher relations for RealTechNetwork.

The new Video Content Network will be an additional offering RealTechNetwork can offer both to its advertiser and publisher base to further maximize their revenue or reach. This new service is just another ad medium both parties can utilize to either deliver premium content or drive home targeted advertisements to the Internet's ideal audience - broadband users. RealTechNetwork will continue to revolutionize the online advertising industry with other new technological services in the coming months.

About RealTechNetwork

RealTechNetwork has been one of the premier online advertising networks for thousands of publishers and hundreds of advertisers globally since 2004. In this time, RealTechNetwork has added a variety of top-tiered clients in both online advertising and online publishing. The network offers the ability for all parties, advertisers, agencies and publishers, to synchronize their revenue streams at one source, should they choose to do so. Whether it is rich media, text, or advanced media targeting, RealTechNetwork is the network offering them all. For additional information about RealTechNetwork and its current array of services, contact either Ad Sales or Publisher Relations @ RealTechNetwork.


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